The International Union of Architects strongly condemns the invasion of a sovereign nation, Ukraine by Russia. We further condemn the inequities that emerge from war including racial prejudices at border crossings, loss of homes of many innocent people and most importantly, the loss of life. We implore the Government of Russia to bring an immediate cessation of this war.  

Standing with 3.5 million architects from 115 countries, the UIA expresses solidarity with all those suffering from the conflict. The continuing loss of life in Ukraine must stop.

The  architectural community is fighting for a cleaner and better planet. We are distressed that the war is doing the opposite. We must stay focused on endowing a better world to future generations.

We stand firm in supporting Ukrainians and their country. War is not the way to solve problems. The International Union of Architects is for peace, collaboration and unity in the world .

José Luis Cortés
UIA President